Training Academy

Earlbeam security values the training of security guards which is a must for the company. Professional training provides the security personnel with the right knowledge, skills, and instincts essential to the company’s safety and survival.

We offer proper training to each and every guard. Training improves a security officer’s credentials and credibility as a professional. Of course, the training we offer aims at employees/guards performing at a level in alignment with the goals and objectives of the organization and its security operation. All employees, including security officers, must work towards a common mission.

The kind of training offered to the security guards reduces liability and this is why:

It’s obvious that better trained security personnel would have prevented some
incidents or minimized the liability profile in some of the lawsuits or
settlements. In essence, being proactive and having specialized training may
potentially save a company significant money. In addition, better-trained personnel may potentially reduce the costs associated with high turnover,
low morale and poor performance. Having specialized training or
industry-wide respected credentials may also prove beneficial for the employer as well as the security officer.