Our System


Our GPS Patrol monitoring is a Real Time guard monitoring system which skyrockets the efficiency of our guard services and offers us the ability to upgrade our services through technology. In brief, Our Patrol Monitoring System incorporates all the basic features of a smart guard tour system solution:

  • Create and connect sites with checkpoints
  • Receive SOS alerts and take immediate action
  • Get e-mail notifications for missed, early or late passed checkpoints
  • Send incidents reports to our clients or to the Monitoring Center
  • Manage patrols remotely in real-time
  • Verify guard tours online and check missed patrols

The implementation of guard tour system helps our clients to monitor our level of service and manage their assets more effectively. With the guard tour we monitor our officers on grounds from our control room, manage guards and conduct reports.


Supposed, your security service provider assigns its officers specific guard tours and schedule their daily tours. How could they assure that all of their guards perform their patrols and how could they guarantee their officers performance towards you as their clients?


To get maximum value for the security officer, it is essential to confirm that he accomplishes his guard tours following a well-established procedure. During the patrols, security officers may work totally alone (Lone Workers) or with very little support and in some cases no supervision at all. Sometimes, they may want to remain at their posts and not patrol according to the predefined time schedule.
Systems have been put in place to forestall such occurrences.


Our guard tour system delivers a simple note to your guards: We care about how patrols are being carried out. This can lead to considerably better performance, improved professionalism and remarkable attitude and from their part. The installation and configuration of a guard tour system will normally confirm that some officers are under performing their guard tours and will help distinguish the reliable guards that will support the effort to improve safety status and upgrade security services provided.
A guard tour system will overcome this problem as it is designed to record officers’ activities and verify that they cover all portions of their guard tours.


No matter how well you are protected against security breaches, you also need a plan in place for when attacks break through. When security incidents occur, Our Rapid Response Team(RRT) will be there to help you.
We have an experienced, trained and dedicated team that patrol the streets and response to any security issues within 15 minutes maximum from vantage points in the city.