2.Be familiar with your surroundings

[Five Ways to Avoid Being Kidnapped and Held for Ransom]
Whether traveling abroad on business or pleasure, we tend to oversimplify personal security issues and responsibilities. We have our plane flight, hotel reservations, and travel itinerary, but we don’t give much thought to anything else. Being familiar with your surroundings is critical to your personal security and wellbeing.

You should know exactly who is picking you up at the airport and don’t be afraid to ask for formal identification from that person. Identify buildings, police stations, large public areas, and points of interest that are near the place that you’re staying or working. Identify more than one route back to your hotel or business destination. Identify and use ATM’s that are in busy locations and don’t use ATM’s at night. Be familiar with local customs, gestures, and business practices. Don’t rely on GPS and always have a map that is easily accessible. Avoid night clubs or being out late at night.